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Live without diseases

Doing exercise for sometime a day will keep away from doctors, makes us leave healthy life. Breathing exercise can increase life span. Next to that to walk. All organ’s of our body stimulating points are in the foot palm. So on walking all points gets stimulated and keeps organs active.

Method of walking!

We must walk silently without talking to any one and in a place where there is no debris and in a place where many trees are there. It is better to take rest for two minutes and then to walk. Walking inside the room or in the terrace will not benefit at all. It is good to drink water (pot water) 5 minutes before start walking. Women must not go for walking and do yoga during menses period.

  • Taking children to school and going to market by walk to buy vegetables will not be equal to walking.
  • Those who are feel discomfort or unsafe of walking outside can go walking in terrace or room with good air circulation.
  • North and South can place a chair and walk like “8” upto 20 to 30 minutes and can go reverse by the same method.
  • Oxygen (Prana) is a available enormously in all places during morning at all places, which is good for our health.

How to eat?

It is good to complete a meals in morning, noon and night with a cucumber or papaya, which will keep us away from diseases. Rather, better to eat banana. But now –a-days bananas are made to ripe using carbide stones, which gives more problems to those consume it regularly. After having meals, consuming something for digest will make diseases to vanish away like “dewdrops in the sun”. The good thing in this is to consume “water boiled with cummin seeds”. It is good to boiled in the morning and consuming it in a lukewarm state. For example, Keralites who drink water boiled with cummin seeds live a long lifespan.

Similarly consuming cut cucumber into round shape, and papaya into cubes will also give better benefits. This will balance the pH in the food.

To eat ghee (Pure Cow Ghee) by heating and extracting it will be good for health. With this, Bones, nerves, eye sight, hair growth will be strengthened. Ghee must not be consumed without boiling it. Having curd rice to complete the food will help in excellent digestion.

To get a long span of life:

Siddha Says: Consume

  • Boiling water
  • Melted Cow Ghee
  • Good volume of buttermilk with food.

When to eat more?

Breakfast can be heavy. We must not be empty stomach in the morning. As we work for the whole day a lot digestion will occur, if we have more in the morning. We can eat mild in the noon, as required.

Because post noon the amount work we do reduces. But in the night we must eat very lesser, as we go to bed after dinner. Similarly, in the night we need to eat only food that can easily digest. Never consume non-vegetarian, fried, deep fried, more fibrous food in the night. Meal has to be completed with cucumber or papaya.
At any cause you must not eat after 7.30 p.m. Those who eats after 7.30 p.m will have lot of complications in health issues soon. And due to sedimental formations people can suffer with Fibroids / Cyst / Renal Calculi etc…

The food we Eat after 7.30 p.m. will turn into toxic, waste and disease to our body. There must be a big gap (2 Hours Minimum) between our dinner and bed time.

Eat like a king in the morning;

Noon like a minister;

Night like a beggar.

How to drink water?

We must drink 3 litres of water per day. Then only internal organs will be clean, and wastes within the body will be eliminated. Constipation will go away and digestion will be good. Fruit juice, milk, tender coconut can be consumed a lot in a day. If you consume fruit juices a lot, then 2 litre of water is enough. It is better to drink water stored in the mud pot.

Two diseases which should never be there

The diseases which I mention below must never come for a person, if it occurs then a lot of diseases will enter.

Those two diseases are

  • Constipation
  • Indigestion

Defecation has to be done twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Motion must free of flow.
What we must give a good digestion. When we eat four pooris or a Biriyani, we get little heart burn or if we get sour belching, stomach pain means we have less digestion. “Constipation and indigestion are mother of all diseases” .

Habit of drinking a water a lot, as well as with proper way of eating , we will not get these two diseases and allied diseases.

Defecation has to be done twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Motion must free of flow.

Good food!

Consuming dry fruits is a good habit. Dry fruits mean consuming Dates, fig, resins, and nuts like almond, pista and wallnuts together. Almonds and pista has cholesterol which is good for our body. If we eat them our bones and nerves will be strengthened. If we consume dry fruits, wrinkles in the face will disappear. Pista will make the faeces soft, and will reduce obesity. Almonds and pista make body glow. Eyes will become sharper. Hair will grow well. And the dry fruit juice is enriched with multi vitamins and minerals.

On whole, making juice out of dry fruits will reduce aging, will sustain youthfulness. This mixture is very much good for health. This juice must not be filtered.

We must not forget these are the foods which was consumed by Kings and queens in the ancient time.


Which fruits need to be consumed?

We advice patients to consume fruits, according to their ailments.

  • However, you will be adviced for ajuice of Carrot + Beetroot + apple together. It is a juice with medicinal properties. To prepare this juice, take two carrots, one beet root and one apple and cut them into bigger pieces, grind them in the mixer with a glass of water, after ground well, a glass of water can be added.
  • The important thing in this is, you must not take carrot and beet root in equal proportion. Two carrots, one beet root and an apple. After grinding them, Filter the juice with a thin cloth by cutting into a square. Coffee filter will not filter it properly. This juice must be consumed without fibrous nutrition.
  • This juice can cure several diseases. Cancer will not approach at all. It can cure liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney diseases.
  • Strengthen heart and lungs, and regulates blood pressure. It sharpens the eye sight. We can just keep saying its benefits.

What are the benefits of Pomegranate Juice?

Never choose pomegranates which glows, looks red, less seeds and high priced ones. It is an hybrid one. No benefit by consuming it. Those are with orange and yellow mixed color, with more seeds are the country ones. They are very nutritious one.

Country fruits will not look shining. Price is also very less. But really very nutritious, that’s why. In Apple also, we must buy less shining and less priced ones. In oranges which are completely orange color are hybrid ones. which has no benefits. Green in color, less priced orange is good and nutritious too. Always select country fruits to buy.


  • While taking siddha, ayurvedha, treatments, must not have bitterguard, agathikeerai, Coffee. Moreover, you must stop smoking and consuming alcohol. If you do so, they will take away the valuable benefits of the medicines. Tamarind has to be avoided, if the doctor advice for some siddha medicines for some chronic diseases.
  • More of tension and worries will aggravate the disease.
  • Those who take treatment for cysts / tumors (thyroid tumor, uterine cysts, gall bladder stones, and other tumors in the body) must come for the proper day. If you come delayed in every month, the tumors will be dissolve and develop again. So treatment period will be prolonged. You must come for treatment, on the date, which doctor has instructed.
  • Juices which use ground dry fruits such as dates, fig, resins (must not use black resins). Only honey coloured resins must be used. Black colour resins may cause heart burn, indigestion head ache etc.,
  • Never have mushrooms, cauliflower outside. They are with high toxicity and may cause harm to body. Those take this treatment may take light tea, and they can add milk and sugar. But can use organic cane sugar. If coffee is consumed it will destroy the benefits of the natural medicines and Homoeopathic medicine may get antidote.
  • Strictly don’t use iodised salt. Which can lead to sedemental formation. Please know any kind of vitamins or minerals, artificially prepared not to be taken at any cost. Because in iodised salt Iodine is impacted as an artificial element. So this to be avoided life time.
  • Instead people can use raw salt fried in iron vessel with murungai leafs. After wetness gone the fried leafs to be kept away. The remaining salt or equally mixed rock salt can be used (Indhuppu). Those who need take salt can grind this and can be used.
  • In country medical shops “Indhuppu” a type of rock salt is available. It has all the medicinal properties. This salt can be used for cooking. This is a good salt, which has natural iodine in it.

Which is essential in daily food?

We keep the beneficiary diet list for you, which is essential in daily food. Instead of eating nutrition less food, it is always good to eat such foods, which will keep us away from disease.

  • Any beneficiary herbs (e.g,. Triphala chooran, Tulsi powder etc.,)
  • Gooseberry soaked in honey, Ginger soaked in honey.
  • Any of the lentils (E.g,., Beans, lentils, green gram, black chickpea, soya beans, peas, something either sprouted or regular one)
  • Any of the green
  • Dry fruits (E.g., dates, almonds, pista, wallnut etc.,)
  • Fruits
  • Boiled vegetables

If you eat planned, you will be healthy. Good to use red rice, (like keralites), In black gram black one has medicinal properties. Do not use white one. While rinsing remove the skin. Idly made with balck grams and fenugreek is an excellent food for all kind of people. For breakfast, health porridge, millet bath, , Ragi dosa, Ragi Semiya, foxtail grain porridge, ragi pudding, red rice pudding, blackgram pudding, will make you ever youth.

Why to consume “honey gooseberry”?

We want to eat less expensive, and get the same health and beautify of the expensive food, means we must eat gooseberry soaked in honey for 3 months. It is better to eat in the morning empty stomach. If we forget we can have it later too.

But the important thing in it is to select the right berry. We must not buy bigger, shining and clear berries. They are hybrid ones. They will have less nutrients. Less shining, seem to be damaged are the country ones which are good. It has all essential nutrients. This honey gooseberry will not allow our age to rise.

Feeling crazy? first eat for 3 months. After 3 months you will find wrinkles start disappearing. While having continuously grey hairs start vanishing. Most disease will go off. Red blood cells will be on rise.

Method to prepare Ginger Honey:

Take 200 gms of ginger, peel of the skin and cut them into small pieces. Take an utensil with half filled water and cover it with a cotton cloth.
Spread the cut ginger over the cloth and keep over the stove. Switch of the stove after 10 to 15 minutes. Once it becomes cool put the ginger pieces into a glass or ceramic bottle and fill with honey until ginger is fully immersed. After 2 hours, keep this into refrigerator compulsorily.

Have this Ginger honey after breakfast. The wonderful quality of the ginger will strengthen internal organs and its benefits are unique. This is a remedy for many disease.

“Ginger in the morning, noon with dried ginger, gall nut in the night for a sphere (48 days) will make the old to youth“

It is a siddha song. It means that taking ginger in the morning, dried ginger in the noon and gallnut in the night will turn an aged person to youth.

Eating late in the night, and having snacks like murukku, bajji, bonda, going to bed soon after meal, sitting forever without doing exercise will provide bad cholesterol (Triglycirides), which are harmful to our body.

What oil can be used?

All started using the oil which is known to them. In general people think that the lowering cholesterol is a great thing and use

  • Filtered oil
  • Refined oil

But this is entirely wrong. Due to this the fat will get reduced and will cause knee pain and arthritis. Moreover body becomes dry.
Normally it is not possible to get this much sunflower seeds in huge quantity to manufacture this refined oil to a big volume. Normally crude oil is purified to refined oil. In this process so much of chemical impacting takes place to derive refined oil. Those can extract our synomal fluid, Then where the people nowadays gets osteo Arthritis, now we can see everywhere even among young people.

And while doing oil refining, caustics which are used for making soap are added for removing cholesterol. It will definitely affect body. Hence use raw oils rather than refined oils. If possible wooden chekku oil cold pressed will give more benefits.

Moreover to use coconut oil / gingili oil / olive oil alternatively will give excellent benefit to body.

Using coconut oil is good. Aforesaid oil gives all that required for body.

All knows that how many people are suffering with knee pain for the past 20 years because of using Refined oil. The fat which we get from oil and ghee are called good cholesterol.

Body is a benefitted a lot by using oil-pressed oil, cow ghee.

Habits to be followed in general:

  • If you need a good life, you need to do good to others as much as possible. Rather than analysing how other behave with us, it is better to behave with them with support and humbleness.
  • Anger has to be given off completely, and being with patience is always good.
  • Wake up early in the morning, meditate upon God, do compulsory exercise, work industrially towards the duty without expectation.
  • Never point out others mistake with anger, treat them with love and softness.
  • Never compare children, and demotivate them, teach them to grow with softy characters and with patience. Spare sometime to listen to their stories and talk with them.
  • We must have the will for whatever we do, then only there won’t be boredom. Keep your mind happy. It is good to watch comedy channels, play with pets, chat with friends (without affecting others) may be good hobbies at leisure time.
  • Never develop the habit of watching serials. Those who watch serial will never trust anybody, as all humans are depicted as bad, explaining relationship between man-woman, extreme patience of a woman (Unrealistic), an unwanted entertainment. Reading good books is a good habit. Knowledge will expand in those who read good books.
  • Never have the expectation for appreciation of your work. Our loving God will watch and will reattribute to us many many times.
    Do not think why such advises are given in an hospital.
  • Brothers and sisters insist your husband to their businesses ethically, whatever it may be. Say no to the money from the wrong way. If you do this, you will find the that Happiness and peace are there in a great manner, where money entered. Husbands motivate your run wives , run the life with love and encouragement.
  • Getting cured of a disease is just not the only thing for a man to live a happy and complete life. Ease and growth are required in all aspects right?!
    We wish you for recovery from disease and joy filled life.


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