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Integrated Hospital

Daisy Hospitals Established in the year of 2003 by Rtn.MD.R.Saran, Chairman and Daisy Saran (Managing Director) at Tirupur city. We continue to expand our hospitals to meet Quality healthcare Services. We start our second hospital branched at Coimbatore in the year of 2007 and third branched at Chennai in the year of 2015. Treating patients not by a single system, we integrate Siddha, Ayurveda, Homoeo, Unani, Electrohomoeo, Nature Cure & yoga, Acupressure, Therapy, & with Allopathy etc.


We care for cure Totally through the comprehensive integrated alternative medicines, Patients are cured in a short time. Their immunity levels will be increased drastically. So that everyone can achieve more longevity.


Treat people through integrated system of medicine – to cure chronic ailments – to save them from life time medication without any side effects and to propagate the power of integrated system of medicine all over the world to create healthy and happy life.

System Of Diagnosis

We integrate system depends upon the Ailment, Constitutional, Age, Acceptability and Parameters observed. The Patients is being taught the special yoga with excellent diet therapy, which is needed to cure the Ailment.
We have all “AYUSH” as well as Allopathic doctors treating comprehensive integrated medicine. Qualified doctor’s in all avenues like SIDDHA (B.S.M.S), AYURVEDA (B.A.M.S), HOMOEO (B.H.M.S), NATURECURE & YOGA (B.N.Y.S), M.B.B.S, MD, MS with Hereditary practitioners and Acupuncture therapists to obtain maximum results on medicine.


We are happy to serve our patients by Advance Medical Diagnosis by latest imported equipments. In our hospital we have in house testing labs and Scan with ECG facility. We have tie-up with “LARGEST DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE” which is very near to our premises, to take all medical tests, like Master Health check up, CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Echo Cardiogram, TMT, BMD, DEXA scan, Mammogram, EEG, etc.


In our hospital, our food diet will be specially designed clinically Proven, interesting, tasty and very healthy “உணவே மருந்து ” is the concept, which we adopt.
Our diet means not by controlling food but changing the food habit into a healthy way, which increases Antioxidant and reduces or Eradicate free radicals which people can follow life time to increase longevity.

Medical and Social Services

Created medical awareness programs in schools, Colleges, TV’s and social media’s, which treats with no side effects and with higher longevity.
Psychological counseling and Family counseling program telecasted by Sathiyam Tv from 2015 to 2017 named INIYAVALE UNAKKAKA (Refer YouTube). Both are Psychological counselors for family issues, Children’s care, Creating Awareness about national Resources.Our program is being telecasted somany Tv’s like Kalaignar Tv, Vasanth Tv, Podhigai Tv, Sathiyam Tv, Makkal Tv, Jaya TV & more. More than 1500 Guest lecture has given at Colleges, Schools, and Social Clubs and telecasted so many televisions.

Social Responsibilities

The Counsel which is taking care for the students, involved under Moral Instruction & conducting Personality development programs and so many activities which required to the society.
And doing all activities like Basic education, Plastic awareness, Tree Plantation, Sanitation and Hygienic, Child Health, Economic and Vocation Training and Community development, Providing food to all patients and also proving free food to homeless people through Free Food bank which is located at Coimbatore Hospitals.
Personally involved in social activities, through so many organization like-

Rotary Clubs

Kovai Kulangal Pathugappu Amaippu

The Counsel

Committed 20% of the turnover of the concern fully spent for the Social Activities.

Daisy Health Care

Daisy Health Care – We are India’s best nature cure hospital in tamilnadu. Best natural hospital, best integrated hospital in tamilnadu. For 100% natural treatments.

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