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Is There Any Side Effects In Your Medience?

  • The main aim of this medicine is treating people in a safe way of medication which consist of herbals , minerals without side effects. And it is a well known thing that all kind of AYUSH medicines are without side effects. More over these medicines play major role in boosting immunity to the patients.
  • For example people who takes more herbal medicines having a good longevity, increased with healthy life. Example: China/ Japan.

We Are Now Already With Allopathic Medicine Shall We Change or Shift To Your Medicine Abruptly?

  • Ofcourse yes. There won’t be any problem in that and the most of the patients who select “AYUSH” medicine are not coming directly for medication. they first try with all doctors who are said to be famous specialist and hospitals.
  • Then they frustrated with its side effects and life time medication.

  • Then only they turned to AYUSH medication so, there wont be any abnormal symptoms on shifting from allopathy. More over, we follow tapper downing method to avoid symptoms caused by allopathic medicines.

  • Slowly we can tapper down allopathic medicines. Most of the cases with in maximum duration of 3 months enough to stop allopathic medicines.

  • If a person with a medicine 500 mg 1 – 0 – 1. After taking our medicine after fifteen days ½ -0 -1 dose after 25 days ½ – 0 – ½ can be continued, with the clean observation of our doctors and next month 0 – 0 – ½ ( alternative days) and end 2nd or 3rd month completely we can stop allopathic medicines.

Example For Diabetic – If a person with a medicine 500 mg 1 – 0 – 1. After taking our medicine after fifteen days ½ -0 -1 dose after 25 days ½ – 0 – ½ can be continued, with the clean observation of our doctors and next month 0 – 0 – ½ ( alternative days) and end 2nd or 3rd month completely we can stop allopathic medicines.

Example For Orchestral – Calcium Tablets Iron / Folic Acid Tablets All Short Of Multi Vitamin Tablets And Pain Killers.

These details will be furnished by our doctors. The above said medicines are useless & will create more issues. So we will advice all patients to stop those immediately.

While Taking Your Medicines Shall We Go to Take Allopathic Medicines In Case Of Emergency Like Fever, Headache Or Any Acute Diseases?

  • Absolutely yes. There is no issues in taking allopathic medicines ICE and more over. There won’t be any issues in integrated medicines. By the time you can stop our medicine or you can continue with.

During On Medication, If We Have Doubts, How Can We Clarify?

  • You can call the mobile numbers for doubts/ either the attender or the doctor will clarify your doubts. And in case of emergency- there are emergency numbers also printed on your “patient copy” over leaf.
  • Normal doubts can be clarified with the pharmacists and ICE, they will direct your call to doctors. And through mail also you can get cleared your doubts.[ID is given in leaflet].

If We Are So Far From Your Place How Can We Consult Every Month ? Can We Get Our Medicines Through Courier?

  • Most of the ailments like DIABETICS,ASTHMA,OSTEO ARTHRITIES, HTN , CARDIAC, SOME TYPE OF NEURO, SKIN DISEASE, DE-ADDICTION cases can get medicines from 3rd 0r 4th month.
  • Because for the first time any sort of diseases must diagnosed in person. This helps doctors to know the aliment & can get constitutional remedies too.

  • Some cases can be send through courier. and depends upon the improvement the frequency of visit can be extended to 3 months/ 4 months once.

  • If the improvement is less than excepted level, the patients has to visit doctors till they get betterment’s.

  • For DIABETICS, HYPERTENSION(BP)patients should take random blood sugar, urine sugar, Hba1c HTN etc before calling doctors for next upcoming month.

  • And the doctors will discuss with you about the improvements. and depends upon the prescription will be made and the courier will be reach you with in two days .So always call before on due date if your date falls on 15th of every month you have to call here by 10th of every month.

If The Diet Is So Important In Your System, What Is The Way For The Hostelers (OR) Outside Staying People To Follow Diet?

  • In those cases that is hostelers as well as people who away from home, we have modified diet therapy which is easily follow by patients.
  • But patient’s has to give clear details about their food habits on the time of DIET given by doctors.

  • More over for any kind of situations our doctors will provide you a very good dieting method, which is highly beneficial to the patients answer as well as it can be easily followed.

How To Select A Good Medical Method For An Ailment?

  • It is very easy for you to select the perfect way which is with high efficacy without side effects keeps you away from the doctor/medicines & give you more longevity.
  • For Example – If you are a Diabetic patient you start with medication of 250mg.after sometimes doctors will say your diabetic level under control. you also believe and keep following the same medicine. after 1 or 2 years if you consult the same doctor the doctor will say your Diabetic level is increased. And I am going to give you the medicine with 500mg dosages.

  • And after same time it will increase up to 1000mg to 2000mg then you became a medicine resistant patient. There you are supposed to take insulin with no way. And as you know that side effects of insulin causes Renal failure finally (Kidney failure).

  • Those will of that prognosis to most of the patients who depends with modern medicine.

  • But every stage the doctor will say “ You are in control ”-(with medicines and side effects).

  • More over you get frequent urination, diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, postrate gland enlargement and with the total body fatigue.

  • But for every ailments which stimulated by the medicines you will be directed to specialists, and specialists for Eye, Neuro, Nephro, Gastro, Cardiac, Skin will also medication.

  • Finally you running after doctor to save your life and same drama happens for all diseases such as Thyroid, Asthma, Neuro, BP, Cardiac, Psychological disorder etc…

  • So always prefer medicines (or) medication with where there is

NO Side Effect

NO Life Time Medication

NO Toxin Healthy & Interesting Diet Therapy instead of boring diets.

  • Always you will be with medicines of boredom & fatigue. And where there is

Short time of medication.

Healthy & interesting diet things.

Increasing of life span and longevity.

  • And please make sure that you need not wandering here and there for specialists with different opinion. Here we have “specialists of all” doctors available, with efficient doctors team & medicine with efficacy without any side effects.

As A Part Of Integrated Medicine Shall We Take All Together?

  • Of course there won’t be any issues in that made all the formulations and combination under the excellent Qualified, expertise, from all the system of medication.
  • And especially on homoeo we have well Qualified & experience doctors. they prescribe the exact. constitutional remedies. your mind symptom also will be taken as an important key note and the perfect medicines which suits you will be prescribed.

Is There Any Compulsory To Take Dietic Therapy & Yoga For Each Aliment? What Is The Necessary Of Diet?

  • Normally for each and every ailment the DIET & REGIMON plays an important role on improvement.
  • For Example – A Diabetic patient must go walking alone with medicine and diet can easily get normal level of blood sugar level within the couple of weeks.

  • But for the same case who follow only medication can’t obtain the good results. maybe you can control (or) continue the medication lifetime. Only thing where you get side effects in modern medicine but you never get the side effects in our medicine.

  • Especially the diet and regimen plays a good role in improving metabolism which is very much helps in boosting immunity and eradicating free radicals.

  • Moreover there are special yoga for each and every organs if we stimulate those organs the functional activities of the organs will be increased and this lands to re functional activities For example if you do the yoga, for thyroid that will stimulate thyroid organs functioning well.

  • Likewise for all organs there are particular yoga and that is totally a wrong concept which we adopting now a day’s most commonly people takes CALCIUM, IODINE, IRON, and multi vitamin supplements as drugs. Everyone should understand all kind of artificial impact will not suits to our body at any kind. maybe if you get 30% improvement 70% side effects will be there. moreover the remaining will be converted into sedimental formation which leads to RENAL CALCULS, FIBROID S, CYST, TUMORS, colitis is ETC….

  • For each and every minerals vitamin that human needs are there in natural food. This will give your more benefits and suits everyone normally by this diet and regimen we can avoid diseases and prevent from drugs with side effects.

Is There A Possibility To Cure All Diseases By This Medication?

  • Can’t say it is 100% possible but most of the diseases (90%) can be cured or controlled without side effects and keeps. Human being without medication for a long period. And this medication will help to the patients who are compulsorily depending modern medicines.
  • For Examples

    1. If a patient is with type1 diabetic. He has to take insulin mostly without skip. But those cases if we join our medicines it will be a great help them to reduce the insulin level @ 50%(minimum) and more over the side effect also can be reduce 50% by this way the longevity also integrated with more safe with healthy.

    2. If a patients with Hemo therapy (or) Radiation therapy, the patient’s has to face lot & lot of health issues. There are lot of immune boosters in our system which can give them more comfort and they can get rid of those effects very soon.

  • Likewise for many sort of diseases these medicines play a big role in boosting their immunity.

  • The patient undergone surgery Trauma pregnancy woman, born child all can take these medicines to get more immunity & to eradicate free radicals and finally this is the medication is most powerful, safe, immune booster improving longevity, no toxins, no side effects, over all functions, future projection and mostly with adopt organic quality.

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